Animal Healing (not currently insured for this)

Animal healing is carried out alongside treatments from your vet and not as an alternative.  I am able to bring holistic health, healing and well-being to animals. 

I am qualified to offer Reiki treatments, Crystal therapy, EFT and Bach flower remedies to help your animal get well again. Any of these treatments may help with behaviour problems.

Reiki uses universal life force which I channel through my hands to help calm, balance and hopefully help your pet heal itself naturally. 

It is a gentle non invasive therapy that can be used very safely without any side effects. There are no ailments that will not benefit from Reiki.  Reiki brings physical, mental and emotional balance to the animal.  It assists the animal in releasing powerful, unresolved negative emotions in a safe way.  An animal does not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki. He or she will experience a calming, relaxing feeling of well-being.  Reiki may ease stress and depression as animals suffer from these feelings as much as humans.  Reiki may assist in the peaceful passing of a dying animal (Providing that it is safe to do this).
Reiki complements traditional veterinary treatment and other complementary therapies and makes them more effective.  It adjusts to the needs of the animal. They will receive exactly what they need and it is effective in treating physical ailments and in the relief of pain.

Crystals have enormous energy that can be used to enhance a Reiki treatment or used on their own.  Held in the hand whilst giving Reiki or put in a stable (out of the reach of the horse or other animal, in case he/she tries to eat them), or in a room where a smaller animal may sleep.
Bach flower remedies are flower essences discovered by a Dr Edward Bach in the 1920's.  He suspected (well ahead of his time) that the illnesses he was treating often had their root cause in negative emotional states.  He spent many years researching and developing his theory that all plants had specific healing qualities in their 'vibration' or energy.  Over time he developed 38 flower remedies. Each remedy is effective in treating a specific negative situation.  The Bach Flower remedies are safe and effective with no unpleasant side effects.  One cannot overdose a horse or rider with them.  They are subtle but powerful in dealing with negative emotions and promote positive emotions.