The Back Bliss Massage

Most clients familiar with massage will have experienced a back massage at some time. Rarely will they have experienced the energy balancing effect of The Back Bliss Massage. An approach designed specifically to create internal harmony, reduce mental stress and subtly bring equilibrium to the mind, body & soul within just one 30 minute session. This is the potential of the Back Bliss Massage as designed and intended by it's originator Anna-Louise Haigh.

For the client this harmonising back massage is guaranteed to bring a deep sense of inner stillness unmatched by traditional massage sequences, intended to work the stressed muscles and reduce tension, pain and stiffness.

Unlike traditional forms of massage, the Back Bliss Massage is designed to balance energy rather than work on specific muscle groups. It allows the synergy of energy between the client and therapist to blend in such a way that only the very best healing potential is experienced. The Back Bliss Massage utilises the subtle energy found in the energy centres (chakras) and the meridians which are located on or near the spine from base to the head.

Benefits to the client may include

  • Soothing, gentle massage focusing on balancing and harmonising the energy of the mind body and soul

  • Unblocking stagnant energy allowing proper body functioning

  • Releasing trapped tension in both body and mind

  • Having lasting benefits

  • Harmonising the chakras and unifying their subtle influence on overall holistic health

  • Revitalising, rejuvenation and restorative

  • balancing both hemispheres of the brain

The Back Bliss Massage is an experience not just a treatment